Take A Breath and Feel What Matters

You can’t tell but I’m actually dramatically singing since you’ve been gone.

This is the first time all week I’ve been in a good mood. Ironically last night was when I got the least amount of sleep and had the worst night. But right now, I’m smiling and in a decent mood and it feels good.

Me after TSS’ new music video.

From Elsa to Spidergirl. #spidergirl #kidsofinstagram #girlsofinstragram

Frozen date with my better half. #kidsofinstagram #girlsofinstragram #frozen #elsa #queenelsa #anna #princessanna

Presenting Queen Elsa. #frozen #elsa #queenelsa #kidsofinstagram #girlsofinstragram

My dinner date was cuter than yours.

Selfies while attempting to corral a bunch of wild animals. (Aka kids)

Since she complains that I don’t post about missing her, have this photo and me officially saying that I miss @xoxogossipgomez even if she is a blue tongued weirdo. 😘

I miss my human pillow of a best friend. @colleeeenmk

Model status. #dachshund #dachshunds #eliza


It has been two years today.

"The music we have made together is our gift to you. From this point on, The Academy Is… belongs to you. Feel free to listen. Listen as loud as you’d like."

The Academy Is… (2003-2011)

I was gonna im chasingnewyorkminutes about seeing cody on my dash till I saw she posted it.